is a multi-faceted collective comprising of a creative, a shop and another average blog. Founded in Brisbane, the heart of the collective was derived from the firey pits of life’s never-ending push to kick you flat on your ass when all you’re trying to do is get by… that, along with some 4am comedown banter in a disheveled share-house with one too many vinyls collecting dust, piles of unread magazines and an abundance of shattered dreams.

With an abundance of services, knowledge and networks- BLEACH TAPES creative is able to assist and/or direct your needs seamlessly through ideation, creation and implementation with experience and visual appeal at the focus. Each and every project is conceptualised as well as personalised to work coherently with your branding, vision and strategy.

Vintage clothes & accessories, enough said. Art & typography by carefully selected artists from all around Australia. 

Think of it as a guide to direct youth culture to the shoulds, shouldn’ts, maybes and ‘yeah why nots’ of life. Educating – one post at a time – through relevant topics by featured writers, designers and musicians. Made for you, by you; in hope to influence a more positive and cultured perspective throughout the world. And then, WORLD DOMINATION.

Get on board.


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