Alabasta Doll is a super talented fashion blogger/creative junkie from Brisbane. Besides rocking up everywhere looking more stylish than you; she’s the type of person you’d find getting down to T-Swift or Biebs in the office… because hey it’s been a long week and it’s Friday – treat yo’self: always honest, always keen. We’ve asked her to take some snaps over the 3 days and feature on the blog so enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to give the gal a follow: BlogIntagramFacebook.


Your fav artists were… Kurt Vile, Gang Of Youths and Mac DeMarco were sweet. Tijuana Cartel got the gang’s feet moving, Foals, Toro Y Moi, Meg Mac and Peking Duck were good too. The Wombats bringing in the New Year was a highlight and Disclosure closing the weekend was tops. That Brendon guy who featured with them is what I think heaven would sound like. Blew my mind! Bloc Party. Absolutely stoked to see them play again… Well, only Kele now really. Gosh there was so much more, it was all just an amazing whirlwind.

The atmosphere made you want to… Dance around like a maniac, like you had no control of your body… I probably didn’t but even just not care who was watching. The atmosphere just made you so happy! Everyone was in the best mood.

Would you say any of it was a bug filled tent… Like do you mean, did we have bug filled tents? If so then nah, my tent was sweet! Maybe a few ants here and there but the boys’ tent was infested with spiders haha, they kept getting bitten too! ??

Did you discover any cool bands you didn’t know before… Yeah I really enjoyed Gary Clark Jnr. He was an artist I happen to come across at Falls and I just fell in love.

You danced your hardest during… Hmmm, if I had to choose… It’d be Bloc Party for sure I reckon. There was lots of hair whipping… I had a very sore neck. Oh and that crazy tent near Valley stage! Holy shit, that place goes off!!! On the walk back to camp, ’99 Problems’ was cranking and it sucked me and two of my buddies in… “Catch ya back at camp ey boyzzz!” There was a guy on top of a barrel with moves I don’t think anyone has seen before. He was killing it! Oh that’s right, it was the Fat Yak tent ?

Where did you draw your outfit inspiration from… I figured Falls was going to be hottttt. So I wanted to wear minimal clothing without looking like a skank and still be comfortable. Shorts is always a must (love getting up on shoulders and if things get a little loosey goosey, I don’t have to worry if I’m flashing people my undies). So I thought oversized tees with a clash of antique like jewellery to edge it up a bit.

What did you wear…

Day 1… I wore my bf’s tee that my Aunty gave him for Christmas, it’s plain white with word and picture, ‘JEEPNEY’ across the front, tucked into my One Teaspoon denim shorts. All kits were finished off with my docs, fave denim jacket or vest, black side bag and sunnies around my neck then added an antique inspired choker and nose ring.

Day 2… Was my vintage inspired eagle tee that I purposely bought oversized so I could just have the bottoms of my bike pants peeking out.

Day 3… At this point I thought ah shit, I’ve under-packed here… Then I remembered I had my fave singlet of Harry’s (it’s pretty much mine now) so I whacked that on with my bike pants again (repeat offender). Had this big old, like XXXXXL, denim vest too that day for when the sun went down.

I hear you like to get up to some mischief, tell us a story… Oh mate, haha. Its too much of a long story but to cut it short – I grabbed and kissed Mac DeMarco on the face, had a chat and he gave me a ciggie for my mate and then we skulled (arm wrapped around arm) a beer together. He was so cool about it. It was so awesome to have met him and the whole moment was the highlight of my Falls weekend. He’s an absolute legend and was so genuinely happy to hang with his fans. I really admire that about him.

Most valued camping essential was… Baby wipes. Definitely. You’re going to a festival you have to expect things to get feral. I didn’t shower the second morning, I missed the ‘no-line’ gap! Plus dripping yoke from your breaky burger down your arm isn’t so nice. Feel and smell wise.

Why do you love Falls Festival… I love Falls because it’s so chilled compared to something like Splendour. They have little eateries and bars in the campsite and you can take your drinks from there into the festival. There’s only two stages making it so much easier to find friends, free time-table booklets and it’s an 18+ only event too. The people you go with is what really makes the whole experience though. I had the best group of mates and it just made my weekend.

Advice for next year… Do it!!! Bring an extra pair of cheap sunnies that you don’t mind losing (I broke mine on the second morning) and maybe have an extra bottle of vodka to fall back on just incase they find your first stash in your rolled up mattress.

See you at Falls this year! Haha. XX

Mika Campbell