Get up man… I totally get it, getting out of bed fucking sucks. It’s is Sunday, 12pm, you’re hung over and there are bucket loads of shit to get done. You look at your phone for a while and scroll through your various feeds (that, let’s be honest are full of nothing) you roll over and go back to sleep.

That my friend, is legit a horrible move. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s really not the best life choice for anyone to be doing this regularly. As I said before, I totally get it though. You are young (maybe just at heart) and you can always do it later, or so you tell yourself… but the issue here is that you can’t. Any time you choose to spend doing any-one-thing is never truly a waste, there is always something to gain from your choice, but if you’re able to choose anything; why choose this?

Life is full of bullshit quotes and tumblr-esque motivation pictures that quite frankly shit me to tears; but I will be damned if half that drool isn’t lined with truth. You really have to be the person you admire if you want to succeed, unless your dad runs a hedge fund in which case drink it up you lucky fucker. As for the rest of us; make your god damn idols your rivals… no fuck that, make them your bitches. Put in the work so you can say fuck yeah I deserve this. If you don’t feel like you deserve something even when you finally have it you won’t enjoy a lick of it. So next time you go to blearily eye-fuck your way through someone else’s list of shit they got done while you lay hung over in bed, just remember the CSIRO found your hang over cure in Korean Pears so you legit have zero excuse as to why you are still in that bed. Get up, shower, have a coffee/beer, chuck on an outfit that makes you feel fucking good and go slay some shit. Then thank me for the advice, because you owe me you lazy fuck.

Words by Jonnie

Mika Campbell