If you’re looking to submerge yourself into a tranquil awash of psych pop/rock, Moses Gunn Collective is your band. I saw MGC for the first time back in early 2013. A little gig at The Black Bear Lodge for their EP launch ‘Kick It The Moon’ and although they were more of a rock infusion, it had been decided, I was a fan. Now, in a realm of their own, they have refined their sound into melodic layers of what is known as the golden years… but this time, with a lot more glitter and sass. Last weekend they played a sold out show at The Foundry Brisbane for the first leg of their ‘Mercy Mountain’ tour and I’ll tell you what, they did not disappoint! I stood there captivated by walls of energy circulating the room as both the crowd and artists immersed themselves into the most definitely thriving atmosphere. One guy even articulated his love by saying “this is what Tame Impala’s new album should have sounded like”.


Along with their album tour, they have released a film clip for ‘Hole in the Wall’. “We went out to a bloody great ol’ Australian field where we used to pick shrooms and danced around for a while. It was really quite pleasant but then some babes cast a spell on me and it all went a bit funny! Really I just wanna be an animal.” Moses Gunn Collective’s Aidan Moore. So that’s also pretty cool.









Mika Campbell