If there had to be something I have learnt in life thus far as a 22 year old, it’s to never loose sight of two things; who you are & what you want to get out of life. Both of which, can seem non-existent at times but it’s the drive we have in us that can really prove how far we can get to achieving them. Whether it’s something as straight forward as being a designer or as in depth as wanting to prove to you and everyone around you; that you CAN & ARE enough of something… anything… to make a difference.

Throughout my life it’s been unfortunate that I have watched the in-existence of maintaining goals & self conviction all too often become the defeating ‘I’m going nowhere’ voice. Which is usually followed by a slippery slope into the depths of their own despair, to then wonder why they’re stuck running on the same spot as they watch everyones back decrease in size; gliding towards their finish line. In some cases, people may have overlapped you TWICE; you’re doomed right? you should give up and face the facts that the hustle and bustle of your life has succeeded in making your goals seem like a vision of the past… know what, fuck that. Some of the most successful and strongest people in history reached rock bottom before sky rocketing above. You’re either going to sink, tread or swim in life and the best thing about reaching rock bottom is that there’s no where to go but up. There is a stigma that encourages you not to judge and make advanced conclusions based on everything that happens because you will never truly know what will come next in your adventure. Maybe that unfortunate occurrence will lead you to figure out what do in life, and maybe that positive life changing occurrence will lead you to something equally as negative.

What I’m trying to say is that there will always be obstacles (oh you bet there will be) but as cliche as it sounds; that’s life. Shit can definitely be unfair and you may be at a huge disadvantage compared to others, but as long as the passion is strong, you commit & you stick to your guns, you will always surpass. So make the most it, if you do find yourself at the rock bottom, ensure you do everything you can to pick up the pieces, regain yourself and keep running. Think about where you are in life and where you want to be. Think about what steps you need to take to get to that destination and as long you are confident in the journey, there is no way you won’t eventually get there.





Mika Campbell