March 2 2016

In the end, we’re all doomed.


March 3 2016

“I just want boys to like my photos and buy me pretty things”


March 3 2016

With lonely hearts club knocking at my door, my hearts torn between reality and my ideal reality. I tread light as lines blur into a field of ticking time bombs. I ponder about when they are to erupt and on the extremity of it's circumstance.


March 31 2016

Cut the pleasantries.


April 2 2016

Enjoy the ride.


May 18 2016

It’s the price you pay for ego.


June 21 2016

Empty, striped and exposed. Thoughts bounce from the front of my mind to the back, leaving a stain of distaste as a girl he once so passionately disliked becomes visible, again, under a new light. It’s amusing how thoughts of a person alter depending on your perceived value of them. Is it right to put the feelings of the person we care about most aside to pander to the thought of using someone? If we please her, she could take us places… places we can’t make on our own, okay.


June 30 2016

Stuck between two blurred lines of 'undefined feelings and heart ache with a constant battle of right and wrong' AND 'putting those feelings aside, bottling them up and hoping that you can suppress it enough for it to deteriorate and rot at the bottom of your guts, ever so slowly turning your sanity upside down.'


June 30 2016

Maybe he thinks I’m stupid, maybe I am stupid. Maybe.


Aug 24 2016

Close, but still alone.


Dec 1 2016

I left you at the door, said goodbye and walked away. There was a period, months, that I secretly thought of you everyday, ached for you. Craved you but never went back for you.


Dec 6 2016

When the emptiness fills, what do you become but a shell of prosaic movements working together to piece what either once was or what it thinks it should be doing.


Dec 11 2016

I see the sorrow, the conflict; I once too went down the same path of wonderings of what might have been. A rough journey is amidst and my only wish is that you have an easier ride than mine, as mine too is yet to succumb 🍃


Jan 1 2017

The truth is, I’m still hurting and the fear of it never leaving sends me into a panic of utter resentment for myself. Ever so slowly curating my own little perfectly twisted dungeon… and it’s cold, wet and I’m in pain. And even though I have managed to decorate it with whatever salvageable treasures I could find, it’s still and will always be a dungeon 🌹

Mika Campbell