There is something irresistibly settling in the thought of getting away, far far away. Road tripping with your best mates to that unknown yet alluring destination. Embarking on a journey that could definitely leave you with not only a feeling of dissonance but simultaneously harmony; as if you have just come, bleary-eyed, out of a world of acid trips at 7am. Silences enthralled by the raw cadence live music brings and energy infectious as the whole festival thrives as one. That my friend is a mere snippet of what Jungle Love Festival encapsulated for me.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to stumble around a new, up and coming festival named Jungle Love. The week prior I was contacted by Lincoln (festival co-owner) and asked to be an artist liaison as well as assist in the interviewing of bands. With much excitement, it was an immediate yes. Although, I had never worked for a festival let alone interviewed a band before so everything was exotic, alien but seductively enticing as to me this presented itself as – what a fucking opportunity! My partner and I left Brisbane in a van full of ambition at 8.30pm, after a 2.5 hour unholy trinity with Spotify, the radio and an iPod we finally found ourselves met with a giant sign – Welcome to Jungle Love. Through the darkness, questionable roads, unavailable service and obnoxious singing to stay awake, we had made it.

Night transcended to morning and it was time to get our shit together. We met up with the SAE film crew, got the space organised and interviews unravelled over the 2 days into a ball of banter, sweat exchanges, anecdotes, laughter, 4:20 shenanigans and a overall good time. I was stoked enough to just be there but being able to meet as well as chat with all of the bands was the cherry on top. Fortunately I did get a taste of the action by playing interviewer for Moses Gunn CollectiveVulture Circus & Baskervillain – all super super talented bands that you need in your life:


Despite falling asleep after all the interviews on the Saturday night (10pm) and not waking until 8am, I did manage to squeeze in some play on the Friday night. This was where I was able to delve (as a punter rather than a worker) head first into the enigmatic aura that is Jungle Love Festival. Exploration being the pinnacle of the experience, it was inevitable that you would come out at the end of the night with an unexpected group of unanimous legends. This is a festival that I would highly recommend to newbies, veterans and ultimately, to the population that craves to absorb original experiences, loves to test the waters and is quite possibly tired of the worn out, beaten tracks of larger festivals. Keep an eye out of what’s to come in 2016!

Words by Mika Campbell for Mishkah Blog.

Some big acts included: Amela, Astro Travellers, Ayla (recently did a Like A Version), Baskervillain, The Belligerents, Beneb, The Bombay Royale (VIC), Bullhorn, The Cairos, The Cactus Channel (VIC), Clea, The Durries (last show), Meniscus, MKO SUN, Moses Gunn Collective, Northeast Party House (VIC), Resin Dogs, Sacred Shrines, Vulture Circus, Zefereli

Mika Campbell